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Illinois Truck Driving School
Illinois Truck Driving School

"It was a good experience for me. Gary is a great person and was very helpful. Ken is a good teacher and really cares about his students. I would recommend Spirit trucking to someone looking
to get their CDL."
November 2014 Graduate


Illinois Truck Driving School
Our office will be closed Wednesday November 26th, Thursday November 27th and Friday November 28th for the Thanksgiving Holiday. Our office will reopen on Monday, December 1st at 9am.

(Current Students are expected to attend classes on Wednesday, November 26th.)

Please have a safe and happy Thanksgiving and make sure to count your blessings, you have more then you realize.

Class Update

Our next available class is January 5th, 2015 and it is generating a lot of interest since it starts out the new year. Please don't hesitate if you are interested, our November class sold out quickly, we even capped the waiting list. Give us a call at 815-332-7000 and schedule a visit.

Ladies Love Flatbed

They say it's hard and a lot of men don't want to do it but we've seen a lot of lovely skateboard driving ladies lately. It's nice to see a man's world made into a nice place for a lady to land. Jennifer is driving locally for Queen's Trucking, a job fit for a Queen! Drive safe! Jennifer Jessie

Spirit CDL Teamers

Justin Hauser and Ed Hopper met in our January 2014 class. Both men are highly motivated and genuine; they hit it off instantly. Justin started driving first and not long after Ed completed the team. They currently drive for Schneider's dry van division but are looking to change divisions over to tanker. Drive safe boys! Hauser and Hopper

Spirit CDL Graduate

Graduate Eubanks
We're so proud of our graduate, Bree Eubanks!

Bree, a female flatbedder currently working for a local Rockford trucking company, RL Leek, recently did a TV interview and is scheduled to be in an upcoming issue of "Women in Trucking Magazine". Bree has been driving for about a year and previously held a local flatbedding job out of Sterling and spent some time with a nationwide starter company.

Many women are entering the trucking industry and even more are considering it. Though most hit the road in a sleeper truck with a dry van there are other opportunities such as flatbed, curtainside, tanker and gravel truck to name a few. The jobs are prevalent and the pay is equal; a great career for a lady.

Stop Dreaming, Start Driving!

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