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Illinois Truck Driving School
Illinois Truck Driving School

"My experience was great and frustrating at the same time. Long story short, I got what I came here for. In no way, shape or form was this easy but they seperated my strengths from my weaknesses and got me where I needed to be. "
August 2014 Graduate

Want to Enroll?

We are now booking our October 13th class; we do small classes and they do sell out quickly so please don't hesitate.

We are having a price increase on September 1st so if you're considering on enrolling in the upcoming year now is the time to call us and schedule an appointment. We will hold the $3,500 tuition price until September 1st of 2015 if you put a deposit down BEFORE September 1st, 2014. Please call us at 815-332-7000 or stop in, 1202 Ipsen Road, Belvidere, to lock in the price.

Spirit CDL Graduate

Graduate Eubanks
We're so proud of our graduate, Bree Eubanks!

Bree, a female flatbedder working for Roehl Transport, recently did a TV interview and is scheduled to be in an upcoming issue of "Women in Trucking Magazine". Bree has been driving for about a year and previously held a local flatbedding job out of Sterling.

Many women are entering the trucking industry and even more are considering it. Though most hit the road in a sleeper truck with a dry van there are other opportunities such as flatbed, tanker and gravel truck to name a few. The jobs are prevalent and the pay is equal; a great career for a lady.

Spirit CDL Hitting the Road

Spirit CDL hits the road, gets out of the office, meets and greets. We can answer questions and provide you with additional information so please come see us; we love meeting with potential students!

Milk Days 2014
August 27th in Woodstock
Join us for an Educator Fair, a job fair with emphasis on training for high demand industries such as trucking. The fair will be held from 1pm to 4pm at the McHenry Country Workforce Network building, 500 Russel Court, Woodstock, on Wednesday August 27th. Please call our office, 815-332-7000, if you have questions.

Our New Truck

New Volvo

We're excited about our new truck! Yeah! If you want to drive this baby you need to enroll in our next class!

Stop Dreaming, Start Driving!

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