Spirit CDL TRAINING Illinois Truck Driving School

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Illinois Truck Driving School
Illinois Truck Driving School

"Spirit taught me well, learned a lot and would recommend anyone to go to this school."
April 2014 Graduate

Coming this Autumn

We will have a price increase coming this fall so if you're considering on enrolling now is the time to call us up, 815-332-7000, and schedule an appointment. Our next class start date is May 12th and we do have seats available. Give us a call today.

Spirit CDL Hitting the Road

Best Truck Driving School

Spirit CDL hits the road, gets out of the office, meets and greets.

We can answer questions and provide you with additional information so please come see us; we love meeting with potential students!

June 7th in Harvard
Join us for the Harvard Milk Days festivities. We'll be in the annual parade!

June 18th in Belvidere
We'll be having a transportation job fair here at the school on June 18th. The job fair will be from 11am to 4pm and will include recruiters from many different companies including Maverick and Gallano trucking. Come join us!

Trucks are for Girls

At one time women were scarce in the trucking world but times are changing; more women are realizing this is a good job where they can make as much money as their male counterparts. Women no longer stay at home and wait for their trucking husbands to stop in, now they hit the road sharing the responsibility and wages.

To help increase the amount of women in the industry the Women In Trucking Organization is helping with scholarships. We're happy to announce one of the Spirit CDL students received a $500 scholarship!

Stop Dreaming, Start Driving!

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Rockford Truck Driving School

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