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Illinois Truck Driving School


An Illinois Truck Driving School

There are moments in life where the decisions you make effect everything afterwards . . .This is one of those moments.

If you're serious about your career in truck driving then you've already checked out many truck driving schools and you know why Spirit CDL is your only choice.

If this is your first stop at a truck driving school, then you need to check out other truck driving schools so you KNOW why Spirit CDL is the new breed in truck driving schools and of course, your only choice.

The Best Truck Driving School

We don't say "Spirit CDL is the best truck driving school" we say "Spirit CDL GRADUATES are the best truck drivers." Our graduates are the best trained drivers in the industry. Why do we say this? Because the companies that hire our students tell us. We have been told by our recruiters and relayed by our graduates that Spirit CDL truck drivers are some of the best rookies ever seen. Spirit CDL students are not standard students, they are a new breed of truck driver; well trained, confident, safe and reliable.

We invite you to sit in on a recruiter visit and ask them to compare Spirit CDL graduates to graduates from other truck driving schools; you will find recruiters prefer to hire Spirit CDL truck driving students.

Eric S. said, "The training I received here helped me land three job offers in the first two weeks based on the school's reputation alone. Thanks for all the advice and for putting me in real world situations out on the road."

Our Courses

For many years the Spirit CDL staff has owned and operated other truck driving schools and before we opened our doors we asked what would make Spirit CDL students more successful and our program more intense. We have specifically designed our curriculum and our programs to make you the best.

We strongly believe more driving time is equal to more confidence on the road. The goal of most truck driving schools is to get you a CDL, our goal is to make you a truck driver.

James G. said, "I made a great choice by coming to Spirit. They really care about getting the best out of their students. If you're up for a challenge this is the place to be. "

Ed K. said, "Some times it was tough and you get rode hard but it prepares you for what to expect when you hit the road. "

The Instructors

We are very proud to offer instructors with 20+ years truck driving experience. The Secretary of State requires that instructors have three years truck driving experience but we believe that more experienced truck drivers are more knowledgeable instructors. Truck driving is a skill you learn in a moment but improve upon every time you get behind the wheel. If you believe that more driving time is more confidence behind the wheel then why would you accept anything less from your instructors?

Our instructors are always available to our students, even after you graduate. If you run into a problem or if you're considering on switching trucking companies you can call any of your instructors and get advice and information on how to proceed with your journey. Our graduates are the Spirit CDL reputation living and breathing on the road; we will do everything we can to make you successful.

Claire H. said, "Awesome Instructors! Tons of hands-on and real world situations and experiences in addition to comprehensive classroom teaching. "

Marco R. said, "I believe that Spirit has the best instructors for you. They are the best and do really want you to be prepared for the real world of trucking and they do an excellent job at preparing you for it."

Our Trucks

We train on both a ten speed and an eighteen speed. Other truck driving schools will tell you that the most common truck speed is a ten speed and they would be right, what they don't tell you is they only train on ten speeds because they don't want to challenge their students.

Spirit CDL is not a standard school, we don't take the easy way out and we certainly don't believe you should either. We challenge you constantly; when you're comfortable with your abilities we'll change-up and put you in situations that will remind you why it's important to attend a good truck driving school. When you meet our challenges your confidence will increase and confidence is something you definitely want to take on your journey.

Matthew E. said, "I loved the whole time we were out on the road driving in the city and country. I loved driving the different trucks, it was so much fun. "


All students are pre-screened before enrolling in our course; pre-screening enables our students to know that they will have a truck driving job when they graduate. Our reputation and our experience with the trucking industry help us to find placement for our students that other truck driving schools can not match.

If your record is not perfect we will meet with you and discuss your options and if we don't believe you'll be successful, we'll tell you. Other truck driving schools lack in their screening process and many won't tell you if you are hard or impossible to place. We run an honest business and will not enroll any student without discussing their true ability to have a career in the truck driving industry.

Steve C. said, "Spirit CDL school was able, capable and willing to go the extra mile to make sure everyone enrolled in their school has the best possible opportunity to obtain their CDL and employment after. Thanks so much. "


Our job placement rate is over 95%, compare that to other truck driving schools and you'll find out they don't come close. Our students not only get trucking jobs, they get jobs with trucking companies that won't hire from other schools. Quality is important and trucking companies trust us to graduate the best truck drivers and we respect that trust.

Take a look at our Placement Page for information on some of the trucking companies that hire our graduates.

Cory H. said, "Having the recruiters coming to us, I thought that was huge. Especially being new to the industry and giving us input to make an informed decision."


Spirit CDL has over a 97% graduation rate so if you're worried that you may not pass, we assure you that you will. All of our students that have tested for their CDL have passed, many on their first attempt. Here at Spirit CDL no one is left behind, our students graduate and go on to become truck drivers, you won't waste your time or money here.

Anthony M. said, "I would like to thank the people of Spirit CDL Training Inc for their patience, understanding, and their willing to help. It was a great experience. They took the time to work with each individual evenly so that we may meet our full potential. Through their training I have learned to become a better and safer driver and for this I thank them."

Ernest R. said, "It was an experience of a life time! Never in a million years thought I would get my CDL! With all the positive vibes I succeeded."

The Price

Truck driving schools can cost a lot of money and we know that funding is a major concern for our students. We obviously can't give our courses away for free but we are blessed to offer our intense 200 hour (five week) program for $3,500 - it includes all fees, the permit, DOT physical, drug screen and testing.

With Spirit CDL you will get the training you paid for and more.

Brian F. said, "My experience at Spirit was awesome! The instructors were very helpful and they gave me the confidence I need to go out and get that dream job. Well worth the money. "

The Only Choice

It's time to make the choice that will effect your future, your career and your journey; call us at 815-332-7000, contact us Online or stop in at 1202 Ipsen Road, just west of Irene. We're here for you when you're ready to hit the road.

Aaron N. said, "Best place to learn CDL training. Above and beyond expectations. "

Shaun G. said, "With out a doubt the best school in the Northern IL area. There is no other like it. It's been a blast! "

Bree E. said, "Spirit is an awesome driving school that teaches you to be the best driver out there. So glad I went with them and got the best training out there! "

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An Illinois Truck Driving School

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