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Illinois Truck Driving School


Ken of Spirit CDL Truck Driving School Truck drivers are in demand right now. Recruiters are still slamming down the doors of truck driving schools looking for student drivers. Classes at truck driving schools are filling-up quicker than before.

Federal Regulations require interstate commercial drivers have a DOT physical, medical card, on file. Drivers must take their medical card down to their local Department of Motor Vehicles and register. Drivers who do not have a card on file may find their commercial license suspended.

Several truck driver recruiters visit Spirit CDL classes every month. If you'd like to know more about the trucking industry, obligation free, you are invited to join us. Please check out our Recruiter Schedule.

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Skateboard - Flatbed trailer, a platform trailer, not a boxed trailer

Why Truck Driver Training Is Important

What would happen if you skipped the truck driver training and just jumped into a loaded semi-truck and took off? Could you deliver the load safely and ontime?

Here's a two part answer to the question: Part One shows the drivers attempting to "drift" in their own decorated cab-over trucks, an introduction to their delicate loads and a humorous look at these clueless truck drivers trying to hook up to their trailers.

Part Two shows them taking off in a race to deliver their loads and features a few "crunch" scenes and finishes up with the "delivery" of the loads.

This is great for a laugh and explains why truck driving is a skill that's best learnt at a truck driving school rather than on the open road.

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Rockford Truck Driving School

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