Illinois Secretary of State Certified
Truck Driving School

5/31/2011 by Tanya Bons

Not every CDL training school is certified by the Secretary of State so it's important you ask the admission coordinator at the school. You can also print a current list right from the Illinois SOS website...

Secretary of State Certified CDL Training School List

But before you get involved in the list you might wonder why it's important to be an Illinois SOS Certified school.

The Secretary of State has expectations for their certified schools. All schools must have their curriculum approved by the state and all instructors must teach per that curriculum.

The hours for training must be approved by the state and logged on time sheets. These time sheet records are indispensable and are filed at the school always ready for an audit from the state. It is the job of the state to monitor state certified schools and enforce that students are receiving the proper training for the logged amount of hours.

Secretary of State Certified schools do not monitor themselves, they are responsible and held accountable by the auditing system of Illinois SOS officials.

Secretary of State Certified schools have Certified Instructors. All instructors must have a minimum of 3 years experience, (Spirit CDL TRAINING instructors have more than 20 years), in the trucking industry. No criminal histories or DUIs. All instructors must have their driving records pre-approved by the state, receive a minimum of 40 hours instructor training, forego a background check that includes fingerprinting, submit and pass a DOT physical and drug screen, pass a written exam and lastly, pass the three skills tests that are given to every student testing for their CDL-A. Instructors that do not meet any of the above criteria will not be certified and can not instruct for a SOS Certified school.

Secretary of State Certified schools have on-site testing. This means that state examiners will come out to the school and test students on the three skills tests right at the school, in the same yard students have been practicing in, and on the same routes they've been driving. (This familiarity for the students gives them an advantage with their final testing).

State approved curriculums, SOS monitored and audited, experienced and certified instructors and on-site testing are great reasons to enroll in an Illinois Secretary of State Certified School like Spirit CDL TRAINING.

Drive safe,
Tanya Bons

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UPDATE: July 2012, Alteration, Spirit CDL's original grand opening price has been removed from the article since it is no long applicable.

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