Five Really Awesome Reasons to Have a CDL

5/31/2011 by Tanya Bons

  1. Some of the DMVs have priority, (shorter lines), for people holding a CDL. Get in and out in half the time, who doesn't like that?

  2. Police officers that stop you for alleged speeding notice your CDL and it opens a conversation. If the conversation goes well, it provides an opportunity for the police officer to have amnesia as to why he stopped you.

  3. When friends are moving you offer to get a semi-truck to help them move in just one trip. You then stand in the trailer and manage all the loading so that nothing gets broke or damaged and the trailer is balanced. You don't lift a thing and your friends really appreciate all your help.

  4. Men are always impressed when someone has a CDL, especially if the CDL holder is a woman. Having a CDL is like a special club that only the coolest can join.

  5. With a CDL you can drive Hummer Limousines and the biggest, boldest, Rockin' RVs made.

Drive safe,
Tanya Bons

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