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Financing Truck Driving School

There are many different options available to those seeking funding. Below is a detailed list of some of the types of funding available but we suggest that you contact us at the school to discuss the options with our staff.

State and Federal Grants

There are many programs available to people looking for training funds. You may be eligible for funding if you are a dislocated worker. Dislocated workers have been let go/laid off from their current job and are unlikely to return to the industry due to a permanent plant closure, foreign competitors or lack of skills. Dislocated workers can also be self-employed or unemployed people who can no longer make a living due to natural disasters or the lack of skills to obtain a job that can support the household.

If you are not eligible for the dislocated worker program you may be eligible for TAA funding. Trade Adjustment Act (TAA) funding is available to people that may have lost their job due to foreign competition/trade.

To get more information about WIA, the Workforce Investment Act, that provides funding; Dislocated Workers and TAA, you should contact your local office/center and ask about getting a training grant for Spirit CDL TRAINING. If you are located in Illinois you need to contact your local unemployment office and if you're in Wisconsin, you need to call your local Job Center.

These programs do take some time for approval and often run out of money early so it is advised that you make contact with an agency as soon as possible.

Scholarship Programs - NEW

There are other programs out there that offer scholarships for truck driving school. These scholarship programs usually have a window of availability but can be great opportunities for those that could use a little extra help to pay for schooling.

Check into Trucker to Trucker for their $1,000 scholarship program.

To help increase the amount of women in the industry the Women In Trucking Organization is offering scholarships. We're happy to announce one of the Spirit CDL students received a $500 scholarship! If you would like to apply for a scholarship please visit the Women In Trucking Site

Vocational Rehabilitation Programs

If you are currently in a rehabilitation program or if you have had to switch careers due to an injury you may be eligible for training funds. Contact your local rehabiliation office or your lawyer.

Personal Loan Through Our Financial Service

We are currently working with a financing company out of Rockford. They offer loans to attend school and will not gouge you with interest. Please give our office a call, 815-332-7000, for more information.

Employer Educational Investment

Many companies offer training for employees, especially if the company is undergoing changes. Contact your Human Resources Department and ask them if they offer funding for truck driver training.

Tribal Education

Many Native American students are eligible for funding through their tribal council or the Bureau of Indian Affairs. You can contact the tribal council or the staff at Spirit CDL TRAINING for more information.

Annuity Fund

If you or an immediate family member is/was a union member you may have funds available for training in an educational annuity. Often people think of using an educational annuity for higher learning but many can be used for vocational training, including truck driving school. Check with your union for more information.

Credit Cards

Credit Cards are a great way to fund truck driver school. If you have a good credit history you can often get a new card with an interest free period. Depending on the length of time, you may be able to pay off the full tuition before the card accumulates any interest. Spirit CDL TRAINING Corporation accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.

Tuition Reimbursement

Many of the trucking companies we work with have tuition reimbursement. You provide the trucking company with a paid receipt for school and they pay you additional money, above and beyond your income, to help you pay back your training costs. The amount varies from company to company and it does take a substantial amount of time to get all your money back but it is a nice bonus and can help with credit card payments or loans from family members.

Checks and Cash

We accepts personal checks and cash. Again, if you run the road for a trucking company with Tuition Reimbursement you are eligible for the reimbursement as long as you did not accept a grant from a state or federal agency.

Pay As You Go Financing

We offer a Pay-As-You-Go program. Students are required to have a $500 non-refundable deposit to enroll in the truck driving course. The deposit is a down payment for the course and is subtracted from the tutition total. Students then can make weekly payments or pay the entire balance near the end of the course. The total tuition is due before students test for their CDL license, approximately five weeks from the start of the truck driving course. There is no interest charged for our Pay-As-You-Go financing program.

Students can call our office, 815-332-7000, or visit us at 1202 Ipsen Road, Belvidere, Illinois and speak with a Spirit CDL Training staff member to discuss any of the above options.

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