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Drinking and Driving

11/07/2012 by Tanya Bons

Spirit CDL takes a stand on drinking and driving. You don't have to be drunk to end the world as you know it, just having A drink might be enough. Illinois Truck Driving School

Alcohol relaxes you and lowers your inhabitions, a nice thing when you're at a party or sitting at home but seriously, behind the wheel relaxation and lower inhabitions can be a life changer.

Here in Illinois a driver is required to consent to testing to obtain a blood-alcohol concentration, (BAC). If a driver has a CDL they can not operate a commercial vehicle with a BAC of .04 or higher; if they are driving their personal car or any other non-commercial vehicle their BAC can not be .08 or higher.

Would you like to have a year off? Well that's the minimum you'll get if you refuse to submit to alcohol testing, regardless of being in your car or your company truck. If you have a BAC equal to or in excess of the legal limit, .08 for your car or .04 for your truck, you will be disqualified from driving commercially for a minimum of twelve months. If you are convicted of DUI, (regardless of BAC), you will be disqualified for a minimum 12 months.

Are you hauling placarded hazardous materials? If your load is hazmat and you refuse to test, have BAC results equal to or higher than .04 or you're convicted of a DUI you will be automatically disqualified for a minimum of three years.

A driver who commits two of the above violations, arising from two or more incidents, will be disqualified for life.

Illinois Truck Driving SchoolMost people caught drinking and driving didn't seriously consider what could/did happen to them.

They thought...
  • I'm good to drive
  • I live just down the street
  • I didn't drink that much
  • I drank more before and made it home

Make a policy not to drink and drive and all these little excuses won't be the decision that changed your life.

Drive safe,
Tanya Bons

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