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Illinois Truck Driving School


Curriculum for Truck Driving School It's time to get out of your chair and come sit in one of ours.

Spirit CDL Traiining offers more than the minimum Secretary of State truck driving program; there is nothing standard about us.

We offer several programs based on a student's needs. Each driving course includes more driving time, flatbed driving, dock backing, remedial time, pre-trip inspections, job procurement, observation time and extra time behind-the-wheel to work on the needs of the individual student.

Our 200-Hour course includes a DOT physical, drug screen and the CDL permit fee so everything you need is included in the price of tuition; no hidden charges. Our 260-Hour course includes all of that and the Hazmat application fees too.

For our Illinois students, we include On-Site-Testing by an Illinois Secretary of State Examiner. For our Wisconsin students, we include testing in Wisconsin.

Below is a summary of our programs, please call our office, 815-332-7000, or visit us at 1202 Ipsen Road, Belvidere IL, to discuss your journey into the truck driving profession.

200-Hour Standard Truck Driving Course

We have a five week standard truck driving program that guarantees a full 40 hours behind the wheel. Our program includes 45 hours classroom, 20 hours behind the wheel in the yard, 20 hours behind the wheel on the road and 115 hours remedial that includes job placement aid.

Bonneville F. said, "An amazing school ran by actual truckers, who teach the real world, old school way. Definitely the best of the best. "

Josh M. said, "They delivered everything they promised, from a person who had never driven a semi to a safe driver in 5 weeks, ready to start a new career with confidence."

Bruce J. said, "This is the Ivy League of truck driving schools. I feel confident I will succeed with the tools I am leaving with."

Truck Driving Course for Our Wisconsin Friends

We offer training at our Belvidere, Illinois location for our Wisconsin friends. Our five week, 200-Hour, standard truck driving program includes classroom training, permit fees, job placement aid and a full 40 hours minimum behind the wheel. Students will test for their permits and their CDL-A licenses in Wisconsin.

Phil B. said, "Spirit CDL pushes you to be the best drivers on the road. They focus on your weaknesses and push you to the limit. The practice course puts you through some of the hardest obstacles you will run into in the real world."

Brett C. said, "The instructors at Spirit are very experienced and knowledgeable and compliment each other well. Ken is confrontational, demanding, and has high expectation combined with intolerance of doubt, fear and negative attitude. Gary is calm, patient, encouraging and an excellent on-the-road instructor. Spirit CDL Training school is the BEST. Many transport companies that I applied to in talking with recruitment departments and processors seemed genuinely impressed that the course was/is 200 hours of instruction; apparently most are only 160 hours. If needed, these folks will go the extra mile and invest their time to get you ready. The placement assistance is helpful and unconditional. I can't recommend Spirit more highly - you don't want to train anywhere else!"

260-Hour Professional Truck Driver Course

Our Professional Truck Driving Program includes 45 hours standard classroom, 20 hours endorsement training, (including Hazmat), 46 hours behind the wheel minimum, and 149 hours remedial time including job placement aid. Hazmat fees are included in the cost of this course.

Peter G. said, "Before I committed to Spirit I looked into all other schools. I invested driving 2 hours a day to come here instead of one by my house. This school has given me the tools to succeed. I like the no B.S. way the school is run. The instructors are real truckers, not just teachers. "

Accelerated Truck Driver Training Course

For experienced truck drivers, those that currently have or recently held a CDL we offer an accelerated program. Our Accelerated Program includes behind the wheel, yard training, pre-trip inspections, job placement aid and remedial time. An evaluation is required in order to enroll in the course. A CDL-A permit or current CDL-A license is requried for the evaluation. The evaluation is free for our friends.

Ben M. said, "You never realize what a horrible driver you are until you take a refresher course and train with the pros. Best money I've spent in a long time. "

Ernest C. said, "I just needed a refresher after being off the road for six years, what I walked away with was a better understanding of vehicle inspections and more confidence in my skills as an O.T.R. driver. "

Classroom / Permit Study Course

We use several different strategies and teaching aids that have helped many students pass the General Knowledge, Air Brakes and Combination tests. Our interactive classroom makes learning both educational and entertaining. Classroom pace is based around student ability so everyone is relaxed and comfortable.

Jason A. said, "I was trying to get my license myself and had just failed my permit test when I came to the school. The first week was all study and pre-test for the permit. Second time out the permit test was no problem. Who knows how long it would have took me without Spirit and their instructors."

Hazmat and Endorsement Course

Our Hazmat/Endorsement Class is managed by a Secretary of State Certified instructor with over twenty-years driving experience. The class is designed for interaction among the students and the instructor; this is not a self-study course. Our course will cover Hazmat, Tankers, and Doubles/Triples endorsements. This 20 hour course takes place in the classroom and students must meet eligibility, have a CDL-A or a CDL-A permit, and must enroll in advance of the actual course. A Background Check is required.

The total cost of the course is $250.00 $150.00. The course fee is for classroom instruction. Background checks and testing fees are NOT included in the tuition for this course. Please check with Spirit CDL for further information regarding the additional fees.

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