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Illinois Truck Driving School

How Much Does it Cost?

Illinois Truck Driving School Spirit CDL Training Corporation has gone to great means to offer you a valuable, personalized, demanding program for an honest price. Our Standard course offers 200 hours of intense training: five weeks, full days from 8am to 5pm, for a total of $3,900. There are no extra fees or hidden charges. The permit, DOT physical, drug screen, training and testing are all included.

Our program is just a fraction of a college education and it offers quick career training and placement in a high demand industry. Starting pay in the trucking industry is about $35,000 so your investment, (tuition cost), is a little more than 10 percent of your return in the first year, a college education can't come close.

Juan H. said, "Great School, worth every penny I paid!!!!"

Brian F. said, "My experience at Spirit was awesome! The instructors were very helpful and they gave me the confidence I need to go out and get that dream job. Well worth the money. "

Neil P. said, "Spirit prepared me for and found me a new career. I'm forever grateful to the Spirit staff for my new opportunities. "

Our Professional course offers more drive time and endorsment study so you can have Hazmat, tankers and double/triples on your license. The 260 hour class is longer and includes all fees and we believe our $4,700 price is more than reasonable.

Spirit CDL programs include full time office staff to help you complete online and paper applications, application reviews and even personalized direction that increases your chances of starting your career with the company of your choice. Yes, we still offer lifetime placement assistance; our students are family, always welcome back.

Give us a call, 815-332-7000, stop in at Spirit CDL 1202 Ipsen Road, Belvidere or complete an Online Application for more informaition.

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