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Spirit CDL Training Corporation is owned by Ken and Tanya Bons.

Ken Bons has over twenty years truck driving experience and has been in the CDL training business for over nine years. He originally instructed for a local college program and then founded his own truck driving school.

He, along with his financial partners, ran an expanding truck driving program in Illinois for four years. As Vice President of Operations, Ken led his team of instructors to motivate students and help them succeed in a new profession.

Tanya Bons has managed and coordinated sales, advertising, and administrative forces in the truck driving school industry for almost eight years. She has written articles for websites such as Trucking Truth.com and has promoted truck driver training with people such as "Aubrey" Allen Smith of Truth About Trucking.com.

Spirit CDL Training Corporation became an official Secretary of State certified truck driving school in April of 2011.

Ken and Tanya manage a family run business and believe that all Spirit CDL students will feel like part of the family before they leave. Spirit CDL is God's truck driving school; welcoming and serving all people. Spirit CDL's mission, to prove all is possible through Christ.

"When I first started, I didn't think I would be able to do it. WIth a lot of support from staff and fellow students, I was able to accomplish things I didn't think were possible. This was very much a family atmosphere and was an enjoyable experience." Tim L.

"Good training with the amount of time in yard and road. All things are possible through Christ; He gives me strength." Ken S.

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Rockford Truck Driving School

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