The Trucking Industry of 2012

Roads and Borders

2/19/2012 by Tanya Bons


Industry Effect: Increase in Hiring, Increase in Road Construction, Increase in Traffic, Increase in Pricing on Consumer Goods

The House Bill, Surface Transportation Reauthorization Bill, is committing $260 million to spend on our highways, bridges and more over the next five years. The Senate is also working on their own Bill that would devote $109 billion to infrastructure over the next two years. Lastly the Obama administration recommends a $476 billion commitment for the next six years.

All this road construction will be good for the country but bad for truck drivers and carriers. Construction means traffic and traffic means trucks are not moving; no one is making money. The traffic delays may show up in shippersŐ bills as carriers pass their cost down. Shippers will also pass their cost down to consumers.


Industry Effect: Increase in Hiring

The war rages on regarding Mexican motor carriers crossing the borders to drive in America. OOIDA is suing the Department of Transportation, DOT, and FMCSA in regards to establishing a double standard on the safety of the Mexican trucks; Mexican trucks do not need to comply with all U.S. safety regulations that the American trucks must meet.

Mexican carriers must meet the Pre-Authorization Safety Audit, PASA, before they are granted the authority to operate in America. Currently there are eight Mexican carriers that have applied for authority. One carrier has been denied, two just applied and five others are awaiting their PASA results.

Regardless of who is winning or losing, it may be awhile before we see Mexican carriers crossing the border with their own authorities.

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Tanya Bons

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UPDATE: June 2012, the Surface Transportation Reauthorization Bill has passed. Four Mexican Carriers have passed the PASA and have been approved.

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