The Trucking Industry of 2012

Compliance, Safety, Accountability and CSA

2/19/2012 by Tanya Bons


Industry Effect: Increase in Hiring, Increase in Hiring of Truck Driving School Graduates, Increase in Safety, Increase in Training, Increase in Insurance, Increase in Pricing on Consumer Goods, Decrease in Current Driver Pool

The last four decades has seen a steady decrease in injuries and fatalities but the Compliance, Safety, Accountability, CSA, safety-scoring system, in its infancy, is now hoping to increase the decrease. It's uncertain whether CSA will make a marked difference or not since it is too early to tell; CSA has graded only about 15% of the carriers.

CSA explores carrier and drivers by the seven Behavioral Analysis Safety Improvement Categories, BASIC,; driving safety, HOS, driver fitness, controlled substances, vehicle maintenance, cargo securement and crash statistics based on state reports. One third of the carriers surveyed indicated that they have made changes in their maintenance programs to be better meet CSA requirements.

The initial step to meeting CSA requirements is to have a team; drivers, mechanics, and office staff, that all work together to make sure that a thorough pre-trip is performed and infractions are recorded and repaired before the trucks leave the yard. Infractions, like brakes that are out of adjustment, can leave a severity score of 4 on a carrier's report.

Carriers will need to review their drivers and dismiss drivers that have high CSA scores as it will have a large impact on a carrier's insurance costs. Truck driving school students do not have any CSA points when they graduate so hiring them is a perk for carriers. In addition, students that received proper training will be able to perform a thorough pre-rip inspection.

CSA has found a higher number of citations in particular geographic regions, which has forced carriers to increase shipping rates in those areas. Increasing shippers' costs ultimately effects pricing on goods to consumers.

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UPDATE: June 2012, several drivers are leaving the industry due to high CSA scores and/or their displeasure at the new regulation. Companies that previously hired only experienced drivers are now making pilgrimidges out to truck driving schools.

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